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This wedding was all about the bride's home since there is no place quite like home! When we first visited Shubhi's home, we were amazed at the love and effort that each one of the family members had put into making their gardens into the beautiful spaces that they were. Each tree and corner had a memory associated with it that was very close to the bride's heart. So we added our Mogra charm to an already beautiful home and made memories of a lifetime with sweetest Sharma family, see it for yourselves!


Samarth & Neha's wedding was a unique day to remember because all the festivities were planned to happen in a span of 24 hours. The day started with a colorful Haldi by the poolside, followed by Pheras at sunset with a beautiful reception for the couple. The cherry on top of the cake was the afterparty at the fort which went on till sunrise! The vibe of a space is what keeps guests going and that is exactly what we created for this wedding. The music, the colors, the flowers, the palace, it was a vibe to remember!


When both your bride and groom are designers, their wedding has got to be one for the keeps! Designed, planned and executed for an intimate gathering in the middle of the pandemic, this wedding was a beautiful, serene affair. One of the most important aspects of Chetan and Kashish’s brief was to ensure that elements of the wedding were reusable and mindfully sourced. Post the wedding, the beautiful baskets created cozy corners in the homes of our guests while the earthen pots went to the Kashish’s mom’s flower garden. What better than a gift that is environmentally conscious and filled with precious memories?