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Bringing in the Coachella energy to Siddharth and Ishita’s hometown, Panipat! A statement bar with handwoven basket lights surrounded by a vibrant dance floor, had our guests swaying to jazzy tunes. Our beautifully curated lounges had cushion prints that were made as per the likings of the couple and stitched with love at Siddharth’s workplace! We believe, every element becomes more special as families and couples get involved in creating an event of their dreams. It adds a personal touch, and makes the event far more intimate for both the host and the guests. This was also our first environmentally conscious event, as we had measures to recycle all the food, plastic, glass and flower waste.


A celebration to toast 25 years of togetherness! A quarter of a century seems like eons, but Archana and Rakesh had the same energy as a newly married couple! To tap into the couple’s favourite holiday destination, we developed a series of questionnaires, which revealed their love for Scorpios, Mykonos. To bring the Greek beachside energy right to the poolside, we created a color palette that evoked the same tropical vibe of this mediterranean island. A stage in the middle of the pool made for unforgettable performances as the couple danced the night away!


To celebrate two baby girls, Naysa and Mayra, turning one, we were dreaming in soft pastels. From fluffy clouds to magical carousels, every element was dancing with joy! A little bit of fun, a little bit of fantasy and a whole lot of balloons made for the perfect celebration. The mother of the girls, Shallu, gave clear directions that she did not want a monochromatic pink palette, as is typically found in girl birthday parties - so we decided upon a rainbow of pastels colors. To make the event fun for our young guests, we had a large variety of games, while the older guests enjoyed the music and lounged comfortably. We can’t wait to see what Naysa and Mayra have in store for us for their upcoming 5th birthday!