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Mogra started in the year 2020 - a year that forced us to challenge our ways of living and appreciate what we have right here, in the moment. A year that made us realize the power of human touch, the importance of connection and the support of community, which is now a guiding ethos that drives our events. We are inspired by the individuals we celebrate, be it a one year old baby or a couple that is twenty five years into their marriage. With the goal of making  the event industry slightly more mindful, Mogra takes steps to be more conscious - one event at a time. Scroll down to read our founder’s story!

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My love for events was born through one of India’s greatest gems - good old Bollywood. At the age of thirteen, I watched a film called Band Baaja Baraat about two determined wedding planners with a contagious energy and dedication for planning events. Their zest ignited something within me and I realised my true passion lay in celebrating milestones and moments - however big or small.

This movie sowed the roots of a gentle jasmine plant that would one day be named Mogra - a culmination of my efforts and experience in the event space.

As a 9th grader at Woodstock School, I was an integral part of the graduation planning committee, an experience that provided me a sneak peek into the world of events. From there on, graduation became my favourite time of the year - from working with class colors and gowns to selecting presents and executing programmes, I loved every bit.


The roots of the plant had now begun to sprout, expanding as my experience grew far and wide.


The following year as a 16 year old, I interned with a passionate event designer - and boy, was I on a mission to absorb knowledge like a sponge! This internship gave me a real behind-the-scenes about the chaos that ensues at events - but I was invigorated by this high. I also experienced my first disaster - 150 paper cranes that I had laboriously crafted overnight got drenched in rain, breaking my heart. But this is where I learned my first and most important lesson about events - no amount of planning can save you and it is best to be prepared for unpredictability! All you can do is pivot in the moment and problem-solve.

The plant now growing, suffered the occasional heavy rain and thunder, though with each storm its roots expanded and stems solidified.


When it came time for college admissions, I knew I wanted to enroll at an institution that would support a career in events. Therefore, all through my time at the University of Southern California, I worked at the University Events Office, and secured an internship at a luxury corporate events company led by an inspiring, trailblazing woman. After college, I enrolled at the London Flower School and studied the mastery of craft behind stunning floral arrangements, and the importance of sustainable floristry.

The plant had now begun to blossom with delicate jasmine buds unfurling under clear sunlit skies.


Upon returning to India, I worked for an event design company in New Delhi where I further strengthened my skills of events and execution, and designed projects from scratch. I realised shortly that I wanted to create my own name and niche in this field, which led to formally commencing Mogra - an embodiment of my experience, my drive and passion for event planning.

Mogra has now fully bloomed - but as they say, you can never have too many flowers. It is with this belief that I look forward to planning more events and creating a garden full of sweet-smelling jasmines.


Namita Jain

Founder & Creative Director

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